French President Looks Like He's In An Action Movie, And People Are Really Excited

Emmanuel Macron got lowered from a helicopter onto a nuclear submarine.

French President Emmanuel Macron spent his Tuesday on a nuclear submarine to remind the world of France’s role in nuclear deterrence ― and ended up reminding the world of his similarity to James Bond

Macron’s visit to the submarine, named “Le Terrible,” included a simulated missile launch. He wanted to be fully involved in the process, so he was lowered onto the submarine from a helicopter. 

It’s a pretty impressive photo-op.

Macron’s stunt was also intended to push across the point that France won’t be intimidated, and to associate the country with nuclear power at a critical time. North Korea continues to improve its nuclear capabilities and displayed a show of force on Monday by launching its first successful intercontinental missile

After the United Kingdom exits the European Union, France will be the only nation in that bloc with nuclear power, according to the BBC

But once the photo of Macron’s feat went out on his official Twitter account, people could only focus on the daredevil president.

Other politicians have definitely tried similar attempts to win over the public. Everyone remembers Russian President Vladimir Putin and his iconic shirtless photo atop a horse. And maybe Boris Johnson, of Britain’s Conservative Party, should ask Macron for tips on looking good in a harness

Since the recent French elections, Macron, 39, has won the hearts of many with his charming demeanor. People couldn’t resist comparing him to other world leaders.

Well played, France. Well played. 



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