Emmanuelle Alt, French Vogue Editors Lip Sync & Dance To Wham! (VIDEO)

WATCH: Vogue Editors Love The '80s!

Vogue Paris even celebrates something as mundane as a website relaunch in style.

To kick off their magazine's newly-renovated site, editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt and her staffers -- who are all gorgeous, natch -- plus a few models don Vogue tees and boogy along '80s-style to "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" in this brand new video.

Alt and her crew perfected all those awesome details from the original Wham! video: the cheesy dry ice, the T-shaped stage and the white-socks-with-sneakers look. (That last one must have been a real sacrifice for some of the fashion editors.)

And Alt, who's pretty much our new hero, even nails George Michael's hand gestures.

Can you imagine Carine Roitfeld doing something like this? Well, maybe -- she's a known fan of karaoke.

Watch the video below and join us in having Wham! on a constant loop in your head for the rest of the workday.

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