Mighty Movie Podcast Special: Jeffrey Tambor and Thane Rosenbaum on ...And Justice for All

When you're offered the opportunity to talk with Jeffrey Tambor -- a.k.a Hank Kingsley, a.k.a. George Bluth Sr, a.k.a. Sid Garner for those who really keep track of these things -- do you say no? You do not -- of course, you do not. Jeffrey was in town to participate in the closing night of the 5th Annual Fordham Law School Film Festival, during which his big-screen debut, ...And Justice for All -- in which he plays a lawyer driven to the borders of sanity by the moral contradictions of his profession -- would be presented, after which would sit down with critic Neil Gabler and festival organizer Thane Rosenbaum to discuss the film. I spent time with Jeffrey and Thane before the event, and got some surprising insights on the creation of this alternately shocking and hilarious film, as well as further hints on the gestation process of the Arrested Development movie.

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