Emmy 2013 Red Carpet: PHOTOS Of All The Dresses & Jewels From Your Favorite TV Stars

PHOTOS: Every Glam (And Not-So-Glam) Dress From The 2013 Emmys Red Carpet

Sure, the Oscars give us a chance to humblebrag about all the arty movies we saw -- or just read about -- this year. (Admit it, you still haven't seen "Amour.") But we're TV lovers at heart, and we've spent enough hours binge-watching our favorites shows on Netflix and Hulu (oh, and regular broadcast television) that someone should be giving us awards.

Which is why we love the Emmys. Once a year, we get to combine one guilty pleasure (TV) with another (high fashion) -- what could be better?

Nothing. Check out every awesome red carpet outfit from the 2013 Emmys in our continuously updated slideshow below. Who do you think is best-dressed of the night?

Heidi Klum in Atelier Versace

2013 Emmys Red Carpet Fashion

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