2011 Emmy-Nominated Commercials (VIDEOS)

2011 Emmy Nominated Commercials

With the announcement of the 2011 Emmy nominations, we found one category where the competition is extreme -- literally. From hugging a polar bear to diving off cliffs, these Emmy-nominated commercials present tough competition, all within two to three minutes. As we think back through past commercial winners, we can't help but notice a couple trends. Is a celebrity appearance a shoe-in to win? "Hallmark," the 2006 winner, featured Leo Burnett struggling to read, "American Express," the 2007 winner, featured Ellen DeGeneres chatting with animals, and more recently, Old Spice's 2010 win featured Isaiah Mustafa shirtless on a horse. Does celebrity appeal guarantee the gold? Or is it more about making the judges laugh? We fondly remember Bud Light's win in 2008 with their office swear jar and Ameriquest Mortgage's 2005 win with a miscommunicated surprise dinner. As this years category dishes out the laughs, and the celebs, it's going to be a difficult choice. Who do you think you will walk away with the win?

Emmy Commercials 2011

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