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Emmy Nominations 2012: Watch Jimmy Kimmel, Kerry Washington Announce Nominees Here (VIDEO)

The 2012 Emmy Awards nominations will be announced Thursday morning, July 19 at 8:40 a.m. ET by Kerry Washington, the leading actress on "Scandal" and Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel, who filled in for "Parks and Recreation" star and scheduled announcer Nick Offerman, who was delayed due to East Coast weather, The Hollywood Reporter revealed. TV fans can watch a live stream of the ceremony here.

Last year's proceedings produced a classic live TV moment when "Mike & Molly" star Melissa McCarthy, who was hosting the nominations ceremony, found out she was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. McCarthy, shocked and flustered by the honor, yelled out, "Yikes!" and coached herself to "keep it together."

In an interview with the AV Club, Offerman pondered how he might react if a similar situation presented itself this year. "I guess the first impulse would be to announce it while belching. Or maybe Kerry Washington could announce it while I vociferously pass gas. That would seem the most appropriate," he joked. Luckily, now that he'll be watching from home, we won't have to witness that.

The 2012 Emmy Awards will air live Sunday, September 23 on ABC and be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

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