Emmy Rossum Speaks Out On The Importance Of Hitting The Pillow

The One Thing That Helps This Hollywood Actress Tackle Her Busy Schedule

With premieres, press interviews, a music career, filming and making time to see her friends and family, it's a wonder how actress Emmy Rossum gets it all done.

While most busy people choose to forgo a few hours of sleep in order to accomplish everything they need to do, Rossum says her busy schedule makes grabbing those winks even more of a priority. She told HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker that sleep is crucial in order for her to stay motivated, particularly when it comes to naps.

"Sleep is important," she said in the segment. "I'm a huge napper ... I literally nap between interviews."

Check out the clip above to find out more about Rossum's dedication to sleep and watch the full HuffPost Live segment below:

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