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Why Emmy Rossum Doesn't Need A Stylist (VIDEO)

In Hollywood, most stars hire someone to do everything for them. They get nutritionists, makeup artists, assistants, life coaches and, of course, stylists. So it's always refreshing to hear of an A-lister who prefers to do it by themselves.

And one of those celebs is Emmy Rossum. The actress recently confessed to HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker that the only person who deserves props when it comes to her outfits is herself.

When asked why she chooses not to have a stylist, the "Shameless" star laughed and said, "Because I love fashion and I'm that shallow." Though she quickly followed up with a more succinct answer: "No, I just love playing with clothes, it's really fun. I e-mail the PRs or designers myself and I pick what I want and they send it to me. And then it gets FedExed back and I never see it again."

Watch the clip above to find out more about Rossum's style and to learn how she manages to look so damn good in short shorts.

Watch the rest of Emmy Rossum's HuffPost Live interview below:

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