Emmys 2011: 'Mad Men' Creator Matthew Weiner Talks January Jones


Though it was their fourth straight win for Outstanding Drama Series -- tying three other shows in that vaunted territory of accomplishment -- that "Mad Men" won the top drama Emmy seemed to take some people by surprise. With HBO shows "Boardwalk Empire" and "Game of Thrones" making hard challenges in their first years on air -- and sentimental choice "Friday Night Lights" seeing its star Kyle Chandler take home Best Actor -- the trophy for the 60s-set New York drama even took series creator Matthew Weiner by surprise.

The cast jubilantly celebrated their win on stage and backstage, but, perhaps appropriately given her character, star January Jones was nowhere to be seen. The actress gave birth late last week to her first son, and according to Weiner, she was resting comfortably at home with child.

"She's home with her baby, John Slattery says. Her baby had his fingers crossed, she told me that," Weiner told the press backstage (via PopSugar). "And she said it was really weird that we were going to be here without her, and we miss her terribly. And I had a horrible superstition that her not coming was bad for us and told her she should come anyway, but she didn't. We miss her tonight and we're super happy for her, all of us are. It's a great addition to our work family; we're very close here."

Weiner also commented about his very public, very acrimonious contract negotiations with AMC, which nearly saw him leave the show.

"You know what, we are always fighting to keep the show the way it is and to keep it good," he said. "Everything worked out. The sweetest thing is that we got to go back to work. We get to go back to work tomorrow, and we get to keep making the show for another 39 episodes. And that is really the result of all of it."

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