Emmys Watch 2015 and The Walking Dead

It's the highest rated cable TV show that's been continuing on an upward trajectory since its pilot episode aired on October 31, 2010. And while technically already having won two Emmys, both Creative Arts Emmys in 2011 and 2012, The Walking Dead deserves more.

To this day fans of The Walking Dead are mystified that the AMC TV show hasn't garnered an Emmy win, let alone an Emmy nomination, beyond the two Creative Arts Emmys both won in the category of Outstanding Prosthetic Make Up For a Series, Miniseries, Movie, or a Special. Because it simply couldn't be only a matter of genre that has shied away voters of the Television Academy. If so, then how can anyone explain the eight Primetime Emmys won by American Horror Story? Two Emmys of which, actress Jessica Lange has won both for Outstanding Lead-2014 and Supporting Actress-2012. Though not saying American Horror Story wasn't deserving.

Nevertheless, the Emmy ballots have gone out since June 15th for the first round voting. Thus allowing voters to vote online until 10 p.m. PT on June 26th, for the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards which will be aired on Sunday September 20, 2015. Even so, I'm taking my cue from TV critic Robert Bianco, who had offered suggested nominations for voters in the June 15th edition of USA TODAY on page 2D. Therefore, my suggested Emmy nominations for AMC's The Walking Dead for the voters to consider are as follows:

First up, Greg Nicotero should receive a nomination as director, and Scott M. Gimple, who's also an executive producer, should get a writing nomination for their work on Season 5, Episode 9 of The Walking Dead, titled, "What Happened and What's Going On". Then of course, actor Chad Coleman, as Tyreese, should receive a supporting actor nomination for his role in that episode. The episode was indeed a powerful one about a man with basically a good heart, dealing with guilt. During about half of the episode, Tyreese battled guilt while hallucinating before his eventual death. And in the end, he's victorious. It's also a very surreal episode.

Secondly, there's Season 5, Episode 12 titled, "Remember," which I have to admit is my favorite. And I suggest Emmy nominations for director Greg Nicotero, for writer Channing Powell, actor Andrew Lincoln, as Rick Grimes, and for Melissa McBride, as Carol Peletier. And that Emmy-worthy episode aired on March 1, 2015.

The reason why "Remember," is my favorite is that it is an episode where Rick and his group of 14 (including baby daughter Judith) sorely need a well-earned, profound time of respite. And they finally get it, offered by newcomer Aaron, acted by Ross Marquand, who is a scout for the Alexandria Safe Zone Community located in Alexandria, Virginia. Even Michonne in the previous episode, "The Distance" -- while all considered Aaron's offer -- speaks assertively before the group and says, "We need this." Since the beginning of Season 5, Rick's group had suffered back to back losses: first Bob, then Beth and then Tyreese. It's also at another locale other than the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, where Rick's group conducted a rescue attempt for Beth and Carol, both taken by quasi-police officers while conducting draconian rule over others at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

At The Alexandria Safe Zone Community under the leadership of Deanna Monroe, a former congresswoman from Ohio before the zombie apocalypse, acted by Tovah Feldshuh, Rick and his group are given luxurious accommodations the likes of which they've never experienced. Having an architect for a husband obviously helped Deanna Monroe and the members of the community, all protected by a fortified wall designed by Reg Monroe. It's a community of spacious and beautifully maintained homes, each with electricity and running hot water. Each could be featured in an edition of Architectural Digest.

In any case, those of Rick's group were each required to go through a one-on-one Q&A session with Deanna while being videotaped. During Rick's video session, he says, "I've killed people. I don't even know how many by now. But I know why they're all dead. They're dead so my family, all those people out there (the 14), can be alive. So I could be alive for them." To which Deanna says, "Sounds like I'd want to be part of your family."

Actress Melissa McBride as Carol, also deserves an Emmy nomination in the episode. We see Carol's sudden change of demeanor from the moment they've all were about to enter the Safe Zone Community. From Season 1, Carol has gone from being a person to protect, to being a person who protects. She suddenly acts sheepishly as she gives up her weapons, to be duplicitous in case things go south for Rick and the others, and maintains that role only while around the Alexandrians, whom Rick and the others were slow to initially trust.

And that's the thing about The Walking Dead. While Rick and his group are having to deal with both walkers (zombies) and those who are dubious, they've all grown into forming a solid tight knit group. It's almost like a Special Forces unit, except Episcopal priest Father Gabriel.

Then finally, there's Season 5, Episode 14, titled, "Spend," the neutron bomb episode that aired on March 15, 2015. I suggest Emmy nominations for director Jennifer Lynch and for writer Matthew Negrete. As for acting nominations, I suggest either a lead or supporting actor nomination for Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee, and a supporting actor nomination for Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter. Steven Yeun gave a strong performance as Glenn, who leads a team to secure solar micro inverters in a warehouse, a device used to supply solar electrical power for the Alexandrian community. And Josh McDermitt gave a strong performance as Eugene, who overcomes his timidity to save Tara.

So there they are, all my suggested nominations for the people involved in the AMC TV show The Walking Dead. All to help the voting members of the Television Academy, whom I implore, to please see the Emmy worthiness of this show, and to grant them all nominations. Long live The Walking Dead.

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