Former Journalist John Johnson's Art Collection, In the Spectrum opens in N.Y.C.


Opening reception for the John Johnson art exhibition In the Spectrum was held this past Thursday at the Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York City. Johnson is known for his acclaimed Emmy award winning journalism, filmmaking and memoir, Only Son. Prior to this he was a successful artist showing his work in the U.S. and Europe. He was also an Associate Professor of Fine Art and Chairman of the Art Department at Lincoln University. Johnson began his journalism career in 1968 at WABC television, covering stories like the Attica Prison riots, the first Gulf War, and the O.J. Simpson murder trial. He also directed the documentaries Welfare Game and Strangers in Their Own Land: The Puerto Ricans. During his 30 years in journalism, Johnson's passion for art never stopped. Since his departure from television he has been focusing on his passion full time.

Johnson had this to say about his In the Spectrum collection:

In the Spectrum -- I paint variations in a continuum. It is my spectrum in line, form, color, design and composition on canvas and paper. My spectrum illuminates social yearnings, melancholia and false gods and prophets. In my art, the wild cats are a part of me like the regretful matador of my Hemingway dreams. Slave ancestors past and German DNA are written in a brown face. My mind's eye sees a new nuclear family while our native heritage laments its own passing. The man runs naked in the streets. He is afraid of evil power pretending to be good over the powerless. Women lost in a sea of violence dance to "The Rite Of Spring." A life wheel of experience is given freedom to shout under my Artificial Rainbow. I am alive in my work In the Spectrum.

The In the Spectrum art exhibition will be open to the public through Jun 14th at The Walter Wickiser Gallery.

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