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Emn Haddad-Friedman & Alex Bero To Marry In Rhinebeck The Same Day As Chelsea Clinton Wedding

Chelsea Clinton won't be the only bride in Rhinebeck on the 31st (if, in fact, she is getting married there). Meet Emn Haddad-Friedman: a Brooklyn-based school teacher set to marry her college sweetheart Alex Bero about 5 minutes away from the supposed Clinton nuptials that same day.

Haddad-Friedman told Yahoo! Shine, "I know she's not doing it on purpose, but Chelsea Clinton has taken what was supposed to be a special day for me turned it into hell."

She added, "If Chelsea's wedding does happen, they'll probably close all the roads and my guests will have to drive for an hour and a half to get from my ceremony to the reception, if they get there at all."

Haddad-Friedman has called the police every day this week to attempt to confirm that the Clinton wedding will be held in Rhinebeck, but of course they aren't at liberty to respond.
Haddad-Friedman says that her wedding will go on no matter what: "As long as we're there, a witness and some one who can marry us, we're doing it." And she also invited the Clintons--and Mezvinskys--to stop by.