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Emoji Hair Is The Latest Beauty Trend On Instagram

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For Teen Vogue, by Andrea Navarro.

Last year, the hair geniuses at Bleach London introduced us to hair tapestries, the new go-to festival style. The throwback to childhood hair wraps is more temporary than dye and has a bit more edge than, say, a flower crown. Bleach is known for giving their clients out-of-this-world color (rainbow roots, anyone?), and iconic plaits.

Their latest creation is bringing hair tapestries back into the spotlight, with a nod to the digital world. They posted a photo of blonde strands crocheted with emoji stamped onto them. And now we need hairmojis.

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Whether you're happy, angry, or sad, you can now literally wear your expressions right on your head. So, put your weaving skills to work and take your #mood to your mane.