There's An Emoji-Only Social Network Coming Soon

It's incredible to realize, but there are still people in the world who prefer to talk to one another using boring old words. I mean, what is this, the Iron Age?

But thanks to Emojli, a forthcoming “emoji-only social network,” we're one step closer to a completely wordless world. The app, which is set to launch on iOS this summer, is exactly what it sounds like: all emoji, all the time.

Color us excited. Or rather, .

The app is premised on the notion that things such as spam and hashtags have "broken" social networks, and that the only solution is an emoji-only method of communication. While we're unconvinced by that line of reasoning, we do know that texting sure beats saying "I love you," so we (as well as 10,000 other users) are willing to give it a shot.

Although the service doesn’t have a firm launch date, you can already visit to reserve a username, which naturally has to be emoji-only as well. (Sadly, most of the single-emoji usernames are already taken .)

The app's creators, Tom Scott (username ), 29, and Matt Gray (username ), 27, told The Huffington Post in an email that they were inspired to create Emojli after witnessing the recent success of Yo -- an app that managed to raise $1 million despite doing nothing except allowing users to send the word "Yo" to one another.

“Yo was the last mostly-useless app to get a load of attention, so I guess we're the next one,” Scott told The Independent.

When Yo, which took all of eight hours to code and proved to be exceptionally vulnerable to hackers, turned a pretty profit moments after hitting the market, tech writers speculated that maybe this was the useless app that would finally burst the tech bubble.

"The hallmark of a bubble about to burst is a heightening in mania right before it all hits the fan," wrote Forbes contributor Jay McGregor. "Say, for example, investors driving through Silicon Valley throwing bags of money out of a car window and watching penniless entrepreneurs scramble for cash to fund their do-nothing app."

But Emojli -- which, admittedly, could be the next flash-in-the-pan novelty app -- hasn't raised its first million yet. Besides, Scott and Gray see it as a mostly comic endeavor.

"We weren't sold on [the idea] until we realized that usernames should be emoji too," Scott told HuffPost. "At that point, we burst out laughing and realized we had to build it." Since the app was conceived just two weeks ago, they're still working out the kinks and plan to launch in July or August.

Scott and Gray were also inspired by the possibilities that will be available to users once the Unicode Consortium adds some 250 new emoji. It's unclear whether these new emoji will be available before Emojli launches.

It's all very exciting. If you’re looking for the perfect emoji to convey your feelings about Emojli, might we suggest consulting this highly scientific power-ranking of the 100 best emoji?