Can You Spot The Emojis In These Real-Life Photos?

It's an emoji invasion!

Emojis are everywhere.

They're a staple in our text messages, Tinder conversations and much more. Chevy recently wrote a press release entirely in emojis to announce a new car. The World Wildlife Fund used them to raise awareness about endangered animals. They're even in the English dictionary.

But have you ever thought what it would be like if emojis suddenly broke through into the real world? You know, sort of like the Looney Toones gang in the movie "Space Jam"?


That's the concept behind Emojis IRL, the latest project by Brooklyn-based art director Brad Warsh. For the past year, he has been integrating emojis into photos that he takes with his iPhone camera, creating hilarious (and, at times, oddly realistic) amalgamations of emojis in real-world situations.
Warsh, who previously worked on projects for Facebook, Ikea and Coca-Cola, said he usually has a general visualization of where an emoji could go in a picture. At times, though, he simply stumbles upon an interesting alleyway, doorway or table -- "I usually won't have to go out of my way too much from my commute to and from work or home" -- and inspiration strikes.
His equipment? Three simple, completely free apps: He uses Slingshot -- Facebook's Snapchat clone -- to take the picture and place the emoji over the image. Then, he edits the picture using VSCOcam, a photo-editing app, and finally posts his creation on his Instagram account (@bradwarsh).
When asked why people have such a strong reaction to emojis, Warsh replied:
I've learned that people love emojis, that they've become such an integrated and seamless part of our lives, we all use them daily without even noticing anymore. They are so instantly recognizable to us. This project aims to show how much they are a part of our world.

Check out more of Warsh's emoji creations below.

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