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10 Emojis Special Needs Parents Could Really Use

"I had eleventy billion things to do today and only one got done"
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I haven't had a good night's sleep in approximately 10 years

Child did something for the first time and HOLY COW HE JUST DID THAT

I didn't do any of the therapeutic exercises with my kid that I was supposed to today/this week/this month/this year/in his entire lifetime

Had to deal with insurance company incompetency, once again

Made the mistake of checking a child development book and now I'm feeling kind of nauseous

Child won't stop repeating same phrase/watching same movie/watching same YouTube video/singing same song/playing same video game/reading same book/same etc. etc. etc.

Therapist/teacher/doctor/relative/mailman/lady at dry-cleaner counter gushed about how well child is doing

Having one of those grief spurts

I had eleventy billion things to do today and only one got done

Too burned out to feel any emotion whatsoever

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