Emotional Graduation Video Shows The Power Of A Mother's Determination For Her Daughter

Pass all of the tissues please!

Graduation isn’t just an occasion to celebrate your own scholastic achievements ― it’s also a time to honor and thank those who helped you get there.

That’s exactly what this Spelman College graduate did on the day of her commencement.

Skye-Loren Warren posted an emotional video of herself greeting her mother on graduation day on Facebook.

“If it were not for my mother, I wouldn’t be here,” she explained in the caption. “After our tour at Spelman during Fall 2012, you sat me down on the bench outside of Cosby and said, ‘Kiddo, this is it. This is where you need to be. As an Irish American woman I could only raise you to be a strong woman but society sees you as far more than that. Society needs to see you as the strong Black woman you are destined to be. I couldn’t provide that for you, but Spelman can. This is where I need you to be.’”

Warren said her mother’s words inspired her, and even though she doubted herself and her abilities, she got into Spelman and thrived. On May 21, she graduated with a degree in early childhood education.

Her graduation video has been viewed over 1 million times after appearing on popular Facebook pages like Love What Matters and Because of Them We Can.

“I didn’t think I was worthy enough to be a ‘Spelman Woman’ or that I could keep up with the Black Excellence I yearned to be a part of,” Warren wrote. “I prayed and prayed for this dream to turn to reality. And here we are, 4 years later and I’m graduating from THE Illustrious, Spelman College, Cum Laude. This dream came true... this is my reality.”

Pass all of the tissues please!