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The 15 Emotional Stages Of Buying Your First Home

The 15 Emotional Stages Of Buying Your First Home

You’ll make some pretty big purchases throughout your life; like a college education, your first car or that fancy wedding reception you always wanted. But none will be so emotional, semi-permanent and financially steep as buying your first house.

To highlight the roller coaster of emotions you’ll experience when searching for your first forever (or at least, starter) home, we’ve partnered with Allstate Insurance to bring you the 15 emotional stages of becoming a homeowner.

1. You’ve Decided To Buy A House

You’re sick of pouring all of your money into a rental, or worse, living with your parents. You’re ready to buy your very own house … you think.

2. Excited, Nervous, Anxious ... What Don’t You Feel?

After some initial research online, you’re more overwhelmed than ever. Do you want a two bedroom or a three? Is a lack of an island counter in the kitchen a deal breaker?

3. Excitement Quickly Turns To Feeling … Nervous

Your euphoric feelings of fledgling ownership quickly turn to nausea after receiving the pre-approval letter from the bank, and you realize how much debt you’re about to take on.

4. But You’re Mostly Excited

Still, you’re going to own a house -- a place where no one but you can tell people to take off their shoes, and raiding the fridge is not just a privilege, but a sovereign right.

5. You Get Emotionally Invested Too Soon

How can you explain the instant connection you feel when stepping into the master bedroom of a house you’ve just seen for the first time today? It just feels ... right.

6. The Concept Of Your 'Dream Home' Changes Drastically

The more houses you visit, the more you realize the "Dream House" you originally had in mind is, well, unattainable. Who needs a master bedroom, anyway?

7. You’ve Found The One!

After shuffling your tired feet through countless open houses and unfamiliar living rooms, you finally find "The One." You take the plunge, put in your bid and hope for the best.

8. And Then, You Get Outbid

Or, the inspector finds some issues. Either way, your dreams are crushed, and you’re back at square one.

9. Just When You Thought You’d Never Love Again, You Do

After the initial heartbreak fades, you find a house even better than the one you initially wanted! You unabashedly put an offer down.

10. Then, You Wait

All this waiting is making you just a little bit crazy. Your mind is still on high alert for available listings, just in case something falls through.

11. But They Quickly Go Away When, OMG, You’re Approved!!!

You might as well have won the lottery. This time, the inspection -- and everything else -- works in your favor.

12. Your Relationship With Your Lawyer/Banker Gets Serious

As you sort through the mounds of paperwork, you’ll discover yourself spending an unprecedented amount of time talking with your mortgage broker and a local insurance agent, shopping for the right policy to cover your future home.

13. Closing Costs Set In, And Your Bank Account Goes 'Ow'

Wow, those numbers suddenly look bigger! You can say, "See ya!" to your life savings.

14. But You Quickly Forget About That, Because You’re A Homeowner Now!

That's right, it's time to celebrate! You feel as giddy as a little kid -- except much, much more responsible (this isn’t Monopoly property anymore).

15. And Finally: Sweet, Sweet Satisfaction

You can breathe an all-encompassing sigh of relief, because this entire process is behind you. You have a set of shiny new keys, a new place to call “home," a reliable insurance policy and peace of mind that you’re doing right by your precious new digs.

Allstate Agents understand that your home is likely your biggest investment and that no two homes are alike. Your local agent will get to know you and help you understand your insurance needs so you have peace of mind that you are protected.

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