Emotional Triggers Are Life’s Most Helpful Guides

We all have triggers that make us feel a slew of powerful emotions. Bring yourself back to that time where someone called you a nasty name, which set off your internal trigger, leading you to believe that no one accepted you, when in fact you were the one who’s wasn't really accepting yourself. Triggers are so incredibly emotional and really speak to one's mindset; what’s going on outside is really a reflection of what you’re feeling on the inside.

Often times, we encounter difficulties identifying what we need to work on to create a better life. It can seem quite intense when your triggers are set off by the people and circumstances around you. If you shift your perspective and ask yourself what am I feeling right now? Instead of why are you doing this to me?, you can pinpoint which issues need to be worked out. By ignoring what’s missing within, the same experiences will recur unless you open yourself up to learning and letting go.

In all cases, emotional triggers will be solved if love is present—although it may seem impossible to see beyond your own pain, especially in the middle of negative situation, you will learn that this pain is not who you are, but just a manifestation of which emotion you need to work on. Take anxiety, for instance. It comes with an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness and lack of control. When I'm in a situation that triggers anxiety, I ask myself, why do I need control? The answer is simple: I need to feel safe and protected to relax. When I feel safe, I feel love. I use triggers as guides to help identify feelings that need tending to. So if my kids are acting up and push me over the edge, I pause for a moment and remind myself that when life gets to be a bit "much", I need to cool down. We all have people in our lives that trigger us positively and negatively; regardless, the best trick is to pay attention to your feelings. The next time you're in a situation where you feel love for someone, reflect that love onto yourself. And when someone upsets you, look within yourself with the same intensity and think about what that person lacks that you might need to work on as well. Always focus on what you can learn! 

Over time, bettering yourself by tapping into your triggers becomes easier and even quite interesting; you can look outside of yourself to see how life changes as you change. This is what Rhonda Byrne writes about in The Secret. What’s important to remember is that you can’t just be happy—you need to let go of baggage and grow with love. Life isn’t about being happy all the time. It’s about balance, learning and being an authentic, loving person. 

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