The Tao of Love, Sex and Anti-Aging: Part 9

By focusing only on what we feel is lacking or what we need for our future, we put our present lives on hold or cause more delays because we are not connected to the present.
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Many of us tell ourselves that we will allow ourselves to be happy when:

A. I have X amount of dollars in the bank.
B. I meet my true love/soulmate or when my partner finally wakes up and loves me the way he/she ought to.
C. When I get a better job.
D. When I lose weight.

The list can go on and on.

By focusing only on what we feel is lacking or what we need for our future, we put our present lives on hold or cause more delays because we are not connected to the present. The present is the future; as you read this sentence it is already one second later.

This powerful insight came to me during meditation, and it has created a huge shift in my reality. Each moment is an experience of success, so placing ourselves in the intentional knowing and understanding that we are living in the moment of success creates a continual chain of a successful life.

Doing this places us in a vibrational cycle that causes continuous experience to be a constant reflection of a life of perfection. Instead of meditating we can live the perfection by realizing the journey is the moment of perfection.

Nothing needs to happen in order for me to feel successful; I am successful right now. Nothing needs to happen in order for me to feel loved; I am loved right now. Nothing needs to happen in order to feel valid; I am valid right now.

To support a positive shift within and create harmonious relationships in personal and professional affairs:

1. Find the peaceful place inside now by not placing happiness outside yourself, which is reacting to external things. Freedom comes from creating your own reality independent of what others think or are doing.

2. Drop out of all high-drama situations. Just don't participate anymore.

3. Make a list of all things that bring peace and joy.

4. Sit comfortably and relax and focus on each thing you appreciate in your life and direct love and gratitude to it.

5. Bring divine love alive within your self. Feel your entire being tingling with this energy. Image divine love healing and clearing away anything unlike itself.

6. Manage your energy and emotions by staying in balance in all areas of life: sleep, eating right, supplements, exercise, quiet time, and connecting with loved ones, your animals and nature.

7. Do what you have always wanted to do, if there is something always in the back of your mind that you have felt drawn to do and it does not harm anyone. That is a divine urge -- your inner self talking to you, guiding you to take action. Be who you have always wanted to be!

8. Thoughts are forces. I have noticed when I am working out if I am thinking a high-vibration thought my body starts bursting with energy. If I am in a negative space my body can feel sluggish, and then I have to push...

9. Patterns of being unfulfilled in one or more area of your life can become an addiction. Some people enjoy the payoff of the "poor me" story and the attention it brings. If complaining and talking negative has become a bonding pattern that your friends or family do when you get together, be mindful of your words. Words have power and a vibration you may be activating and bringing to life more of the same.

10. Get organized. Clean your place, make sure all your plant and animal companions are properly cared for. Healthy animal companions and plants help raise the energy (Chi) in your space. Don't forget your car. These are all mirrors about the way we take care of ourselves. When all is in divine order and harmony, we feel a sense of being grounded and in the flow of our most high good.

11. If you want to be able to move forward into a new relationship, take the time to clear and resolve old emotional issues with exes that still have charge to it. Many times when we don't take the time to deal with the deep issues, one may unconsciously create accidents and set-backs to get us to slow down and look within. For the new relationship to happen first one must show up for themselves and then show up and be present for the new person they have attracted.

12. Starting the day by saying the five Reiki Principles can be very powerful! In the book written by Tadao Yamagunchi, Light of the Origins of Reiki, He talks about how Usui Sensi developed the five principles of Reiki. He noticed that people who had overcome disease through Reiki treatments would often come back with new health problems. He realized that if people want to be completely healthy they need to change the thoughts that cause the diseases. In the written principles his introduction reads, "The secret for drawing happiness -- spiritual medicine for all diseases."

1. Just for today, I will not be angry.
2. Just for today, I will not worry.
3. Just for today, I will be grateful.
4. Just for today, I will do my work honestly (I will fulfill my duties).
5. Just for today, I will be kind to everything that has life.

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