9 Emotions Every Messy Person Feels While Cleaning Their Room

There are all types of people in the world: tall and short, Democrat and Republican. But nothing separates us from one another more than being messy or, well, not messy.

Maybe your closet isn't big enough for all of your clothes. Maybe you have a shopping problem. Maybe it's both. Whatever the reason is, somehow if you're one of the messy ones, every few months, it happens. You're minding your own business and suddenly it hits you: your room is a disaster.

Sure, messiness spurs creativity, but the truth is, there are downfalls to not having a place for every single thing in your life. That notion is especially clear when it comes to cleaning your room.

When you finally get around to remedying the situation at hand, a few things and emotions are sure to come up: nine, to be exact.

They are:


This is how you got here in the first place. One night you're putting off hanging up your clothes until the morning and the next thing you know, 12 pairs of underwear are sprawled across the room. Not to mention your hamper is just sitting there, empty.


This is when you've reached your breaking point and realize it's time to restore order. You make it your life's mission to get that bedroom sparkly clean. Plus, the prospect of going through stuff you may have forgotten about is pretty exciting.


Arguably the most crucial part of the cleaning process. By this point you've gotten things in the hamper and your bed is starting to resemble a bed again. Also, Rihanna is probably playing.


Despite your hard work, there is still so much to go. How did you even accumulate all this stuff?


You feel completely out of control. Maybe by this point you've emptied the drawers in your dresser and are sitting beneath a pile of pajamas. Plus, your "cleaning" playlist is now on its second loop.


No harm in taking a quick break, right? You stop for fuel and communication with the outside world. You deserve it!


This one could go two ways. Either you've given up and decided you can live with the mess, or you're powering through. If you've chosen the latter, there's no stopping you now.


You're done! You marvel at the fine work you've done, which by now of course includes wiping down any and all surfaces and packing up a bag of clothes to donate to Salvation Army. You might say something like, "I'll never let my room get like that again!" You have a new, positive outlook on life, until:


One night you come home and leave your dirty socks on the floor. The cycle continues.

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