Negative Emotions -- Oh No! Or Welcome?


We often would just rather skip and ignore negative emotions:

"Oh no, do not come to confuse me!"
"I do not want to feel this anxiety/stress/sadness -- I have work to do!"

But the thing is: the harder we resist emotions, the harder they stick and confuse us.
There is other strategy:

- Say "welcome!" to all emotions
- Let the emotion come, breathe, look at it
- No judging, just curious
- Can you identify the emotion?
- It is bringing you information: what is it trying to tell you?

Can you feel the emotion getting milder already or changing?

Studies show, that just by letting the negative emotion come and naming it, some of the pressure of the negative emotion will vanish. This is a good starting point.

Healthy emotional life includes various emotions that often come and go. Sometimes they demand us to stop and listen more carefully, but most of the time it is enough to just FEEL!