Empathy Politiku

Any justice with the level of training that Sotomayor has would have the professionalism to compartmentalize her empathy while evaluating a Supreme Court Case.
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Shortly after the Supreme Court Justice David Souter announced his upcoming retirement, Sonya Sotomayor became the living, breathing embodiment of Obama's controversial Empathy Standard.

The Ancient Egyptian Goddess, Ma'at embodied the spirit of Justice by helping Osiris judge the dead when he weighed their hearts against that Ostrich feather she wore on top of her head.
Themis, the Greek Goddess of Justice, hung out with the Oracles of Delphi and did all kinds of crazy things. Justitia, Justice's Roman personification is depicted swords, twigs, blindfolds, scales and sometimes even an evil fighting gaze.

My point? Any justice with the level of training, education and experience that Sotomayor has would have the professionalism to compartmentalize her empathy while evaluating the constitutionality of a Supreme Court Case.

Her biases, of course, could still intervene. Fact is, Roberts, Stevens, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, Ginsburg, Breyer and Alito have biases as well...

Michael O'Brien Politiku

Driving out bias
Creates the sanguine witch hunt
That froths McCarthies

Ron Coleman Politiku

Do judges feel things?
Marshall, Holmes, Hand, Brandeis, Hand...
Do feelings judge things?

Andrew Solomon Politiku

Justice is kindness.
There can be no other truth.
Mercy is justice.

Irene Cullen Gravina Politiku
Each day on my bench
The dregs of humanity
Appear before me

Jeff Alter Politiku
Now the rule of law
Bows down before empathy
And precedence pawned

Ken Urban Politiku
to know you, justice,
blind mighty and objective,
you must first be felt.

Susanna Speier Politiku
Tabula Rasa's
Dickensian database
stirs controversy.

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