Spend The Next Two Hours Watching 'The Empire Strikes Back Uncut'

This Might Be The Most Incredible 'Star Wars' Video Ever

Cut together from more than 480 fan-made segments, "The Empire Strikes Back Uncut" is your ultimate time waster of the day. The two-hour movie is a shot-for-shot remake of "Star Wars: Episode V" culled together in a way that may recall "Be Kind Rewind" (because not enough stuff actually recalls "Be Kind Rewind"; we got your back, Michel Gondry). "This labor of love is the product of thousands of 'Star Wars' fans using their own actors, props, animation, artwork, or action figures to tell the story of 'The Empire Strikes Back,'" reads a press release from Disney announcing the video. The clip went live on the official "Star Wars" website to coincide with the return of "Star Wars Fan Film Awards." More information on that initiative can be found at StarWars.com. For now, just watch "Empire Strikes Back Uncut" below (and wait patiently for "The Phantom Menace: Uncut," we guess).

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