Employee Morale: 5 Tips For Happier Employees

How do you keep your team productive? Part of having an incredible work culture, is keeping your employees happy. It will make them more productive by creating a balance. All work and no play can be draining!
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In a recent article, I was quoted saying a great leader knows the importance of surrounding himself with even smarter team members. This is a hard truth too many entrepreneurs ignore. Hiring smarter people will help you build a successful, efficient, and incredible team, capable of taking your start-up to the next level.

How do you keep your team productive, however?

Part of having an incredible work culture, is keeping your employees happy. It will make them more productive by creating a balance. All work and no play can be draining!

Create a Warm Environment

It's important to create an environment that encourages your employees. They work hard collectively and individually, and should feel as if they can come to you when they have problems, or questions.

I love knowing that one of my team members feels comfortable calling me when they are experiencing challenges and need somebody to speak with. It shows that I continue to build on a tight-knit work environment.

Create a Fun Environment

Do you have a reward system, or an atmosphere that allows your team to stretch their legs, and have some fun? I remember a friend telling me once they had a Lost Club at work, and as a Lost fan, he looked forward to it.

It may be having a fitness club that will allow your employees to have the ability to stay fit and healthy, or just a movie night once a month. Simply go with what you feel is the best fit for your organization and team.

Build a Great Reward System

Add a little zing to your commissions package by offering unexpected bonuses to your teams. There are great ways to reward your employees without spending a dime, for those who may not be able to afford it.

Create a Two-Way Dialogue System

Allowing your employees to feel comfortable speaking with you is wonderful, but do you speak to them?

Acknowledging that there is a problem or a mistake was made, to your team is an important part of building trust. Be a part of the collaboration with your team, allow them to come to you and to question things, in a respectful way, after-all if you are hiring smart, and choosing people who are smarter than you, it makes sense that they may notice problems and flaws.

Be open to criticism, it makes you a better leader and sets the foundation for success.

Use Humor to Connect

Do you tend to come off as if you have a stick up your behind?

Have a sense of humor and don't dwell on the negative, it will help the organization as a whole focus on the now rather than the past. It also makes everyone feel more comfortable around you.

Building a strong organization takes time, patience, passion, a great leader, and -- even more than that -- an incredible team. Find what works for your organization, after all, no one knows your team better than you.

Create an inviting, and warm atmosphere, it is all about balance. Sometimes we get so focused on achieving our goals, and success that we forget that it takes time, but the journey is just as important.

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