Employee Referral Platform Named Best Recruitment Tool

Understanding how to source, acquire, and then retain employees is a delicate practice. Not only do you have to find the best fit for your organization, but also you have to find the sorts of employees who won't jump ship. Recently, a group of top HR leaders were asked, if they given a $5,000 budget, which tool would they use to streamline the hiring process. They went with Zao, a social recruitment management platform.

HR leaders from companies including HBO, Cornell University, Liberty Mutual, J. Crew, and PwC were asked this question at Recruit Camp's New Venture Pitch-Off last month. Apart from Zao, three other companies were also in the running. However, the HR leaders chose Zao because they made the strongest case for their business.

"We always knew our employee referral management tool was a great resource in the recruitment process," said Ziv Eliraz, co-founder and CEO of Zao. "Now, we can say HR leaders from major organizations feel the same way."

Eliraz and the Zao team were asked an array of questions in order to prove they were the best. These questions ranged from their competitive advantage difference to how they plan on scaling and growing the business. Out of the four finalists, Zao proved to be the best choice.

Zao pairs employee referral programs with the power of social recruiting, making sure that only the most qualified candidates are presented to an organization. The result leads to higher engagement with referrals and applicants. Other features of include the following:

  • Smart matching: Help referrers find friends they can recommend.
  • Extend referral rewards: Rewards are available to the company's entire trusted network, not just employees -- increasing reach and engaging more employees than the typical employee referral program.
  • Gamification: Engages more employees by rewarding good effort, not just results.
  • Full automation: Social media best practices are made easier through auto-post options.

Eliraz believes the combination of social recruiting and employee referrals, in addition to the other benefits of Zao, was the reason why his platform stood out from the rest.

"The Zao difference is clear. We help to ease the recruitment process. We encourage employee referrals, which are continuously named the number one source of hire. We use strategies such as gamification and extended rewards, all of which increase engagement. Given these benefits, it's easy to see why Zao would assist any organization to find the best hires," Eliraz said.

For more information about Zao including some helpful resources, check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

What do you think? Would you use Zao?