Employees Work Longer Hours, Take Less Time Off Since Recession's Start, Study Says

Survey: Workers Spend More Hours At The Office Than Before Recession

No, it's not your imagination. You really have been spending more time at the office since the recession hit back in 2008.

At least that's the finding of a new survey of 300 businesses across the U.S. and Canada. Almost two-thirds of workers spend more time at work than three years ago, Lifeinc.Today.com found.

Given its reputation as a vacation-deprived country, it wasn't too surprising to learn Americans have been taking less time off. For instance, one in three companies said their employees have been using less of their holiday over the past three years, reports The Daily Mail.

"Employees generally don't mind doing more with less especially when economic conditions are tough," said Ryan Johnson, CCP, Vice President of Research for WorldatWork in a press statement. "But when this drags into multiple years, and they start to hear anecdotes of recovery, they become less understanding."

Still, employers aren't totally oblivious to the sacrifices they're demanding from workers. More than half of companies surveyed said they're concerned about the long-term effects of declining vacation days.

Though companies expressed concern about the extra hours, they aren't offering financial rewards for employees boost in work. According to a recent study, businesses expect only modest raises for 2012 despite an increase in profits per employee for the second year in a row. .

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