Empower Young Women Project

It took me roughly 22 years to be content with the woman I am. I spent most of my life comparing and contrasting my life with those around me; it was daunting and consistently disappointing. I was not entirely sure who I was because I was trying to mirror those around me, that is, until I graduated from college and was able to create my own identity and destiny.

With finding myself, I created the Empower Young Women Project. I was sick of turning on the television and seeing women be scrutinized by other women for what they would wear, their body type, their personal choices, among many other things. I wanted to make a positive change in this world, because as I see it, life is too short to travel this journey alone. The Empower Young Women Project encourages women to stand together to guide and educate future generations, instead of competing with one another.

I have asked women to write advice as if they were speaking to themselves when they were younger. I remember going through different stages of my life thinking that things would never get better, yet here I am. I want females of all ages to realize that together we are able to get through any obstacle that life will throw at us. All the advice gathered will be turned into a published book, in order to assure that females all over the world will have access to this book, to use as a reference throughout life.

If you would like to participate in the Empower Young Women Project book, please feel free to email Katelyn Martin at katelynelizabethmartin@gmail.com with your advice. There are no requirements, as we are all different with various experiences and each person can contribute something powerful and unique.