#EmpowerALLBodies Is What A Truly Diverse Plus-Size Campaign Looks Like

Body love activist Jes Baker was disappointed by the lack of diversity in Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel campaign, so she made her own series of ads.

Baker's #EmpowerALLBodies photo series shows plus-size women of all shapes and sizes -- not just those who would be considered "models."

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empower all bodies

In an open letter to Lane Bryant CEO Linda Heasley, Baker explained why she was unimpressed by #ImNoAngel: "You’ve presented the 'ideal' plus body: hourglass, perceivably 'healthy', cellulite-free, able bodied, cis-gender, and 'conventionally' beautiful."

Baker gathered a group of diverse models, including herself, and worked with photographer Jade Beall to show what a truly diverse plus-size underwear campaign would look like.

empower all bodies

Baker also offered suggestions about how Lane Bryant could improve when it comes to diversity and asked the company to consider including:

Cellulite; 90% of women have it. Bellies; many plus women don't have flat torsos. All abilities; we’re all inherently sexy. Transgender women; they're "all woman" too. Small boobs and wide waists; we're not all "proportional." Stretch marks and wrinkles; they're trophies of a life lived. And this is just the beginning!

Check out more images from this amazing campaign below.

empower all bodies

empower all bodies

empower all bodies

empower all bodies



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