This Is What Coachella Looks Like Without The Insane Crowds

If a palm tree falls on the Coachella grounds and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

#emptycoachella !!! Art pieces: Portal The Armpit Katrina Chairs

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Oh, to be an Instagram influencer.

Most of us are not at Coachella. We weren't there for Weekend 1, so we never had a chance of crashing that Rihanna-Leo DiCaprio hangout. And we won't be there for Weekend 2, to witness whichever hairstyle Taylor Swift chooses to unveil next. We will be occupying a place that is not Indio, Calif., and will have to resign ourselves to spending the days without flower crowns, crop tops or fringe booties.

As if you weren't feeling bad enough already, it turns out a certain subset of Coachella wanderers -- the chosen ones who get to bask in SoCal sun once again this Friday -- were granted even more access than the general ticket-holders. The music and art festival admitted an "exclusive group of Instagram community members and top-followed Instagram teen influencers" to peruse the Coachella grounds before the event actually opened. How do we know?

Because there's a hashtag for it: #emptycoachella.

According to reps at Instagram, Coachella invited these influencers to take shots of the festival's art exhibitions and stages before hordes of cut-off-wearing celebrities and civilians entered the premises. Instagram teen stars included Jack Baran, Alexa Losey, Suede Brooks, and several other individuals far more savvy than you or me.

Their results are below. Stymie your FOMO and don't forget to thank the influences that be for this strangely apocalyptic perspective on Coachella.


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got to hop on the festival grounds before anyone else thanks to @instagram #emptycoachella

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Follow the yellow brick road #emptycoachella #coachella #coachella2016

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