The L Word Creator Launches The Real L Word

The L Word creator Ilene Chaiken is launching The Real L Word on June 20 for Showtime. I personally thought the fictional L Word was realistic enough -- I mean isn't every UPS girl who knocks on your door a scantily clad lesbian who looks like a super-model? Or is that just me?

We caught up with Chaiken (we didn't really "catch up" with her, I just always wanted to say that because it sounds so Vanity Fair) at her place in LA.

Chaiken is definitely forward thinking in her ideas on the media. She talks about her journey delving into New Media. At first, she discounted fan chatter online but eventually came to believe that it was integral to the success of the L Word. So much so that at times the fans, who made their opinions known on the net, even influenced the show's storyline.

Listen to The L Word interview here. Or you can watch the video below: