Taco The Emu Stops Rush Hour Traffic On Florida Highway (VIDEO)

This guy might stop traffic with his looks, but he's still having trouble finding love.

A 5-foot-tall emu in search of a mate held up rush hour traffic in Cape Canaveral Fla. for around 20 minutes last week, WESH reported. The flightless bird, named "Taco," was caught was caught on camera by a Brevard County Sheriff's deputy at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday

Paul Eaton, Taco's owner, says its emu mating season, and his pet had jumped a four-foot fence in search of females, Florida Today reported.

With no lady emus in sight, Taco apparently lowered his standards a little. He aggressively approached a deputy on a motorcycle, and also ran up to a man on a scooter. Deputies in patrol cars attempted to surround the bird and herd him off the road, but to no avail.

Eaton, who says he has cared for Taco since he was only an egg, was ultimately able to recapture the four-year-old bird by throwing a t-shirt over the bird's head and getting him into his truck.

The owner told WTSP that he plans to build up the fence as soon as possible. Eaton also noted that Taco was unharmed by his run-in with the highway.

"I think it shocked him more than anything else," he said.



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