Gang Of Emus Terrorizes Town, Takes Names

Don't mess with this fowlsome foursome.

West Side Story, emu edition. 

A gang of emus terrorized the streets of Tucson on November 5th, instilling fear and panic within the souls of the local Arizonians. 

The four birds escaped their farm and romped the streets like they owned the place. It's safe to say the daring escape t effectively reminded us all that emus are the baddest birds out there. 

Emus are often mistaken for their similar looking Ostrich cousins, a mixup that presumably fuels a deep inferiority complex and presumably causes them to lash out.

Either that, or they just saw an escape opportunity and went for it. But who can say for sure?

Pima County Police reportedly spent hours trying to round up the fearsome foursome and posted a hilarious video of the emu-gency to their Facebook page:

Emus on the loose! 11/05/15

Here is the video from the #emu chase earlier near Cardinal Ave. and Drexel Rd. All four emus are safely back at home! #Tucson#Traffic#EmusOnTheLoose

Posted by Pima County Sheriff's Department on Thursday, November 5, 2015

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