En Vogue Are 'So Glad' They Didn't Use Their Original Name

It was only two characters.

Ever since they made their mark in the ‘90s with hits like “Don’t Let Go” and “Free Your Mind,” we’ve known them as En Vogue. But, as one of the group’s original members reveals, their initial name was actually quite different.

As Cindy Herron tells “Oprah: Where Are They Now?”, not a lot of people know what En Vogue had called themselves upon first becoming a quartet.

“It was 4 U,” she says, laughing and writing the two characters in the air with her finger.

The original name didn’t stick, of course. “As our music started to develop and we were writing, we started to really see the vision, we thought ‘En Vogue’ best suited who we were and what we were trying to be,” Cindy explains.

Looking back now, she and fellow original group member Terry Ellis say they’re beyond relieved to have come up with a more suited name. 

“4 U? No... I’m so glad we didn’t go with that,” Cindy says. 

“Me too!” Terry agrees.

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