Ena Pugh and Lily Millward, The World's Oldest Twins, Celebrate 102nd Birthday Together

Few people know what it's like to turn 102, but Ena Pugh does.

And, luckily for her, there's at least one person who understands how it feels: her twin sister Lily Millward.

Pugh and Millward, who live both near the town of Brecon, Wales, celebrated the big 1-0-2 on January 4 the same way they celebrated the first one more than a century ago -- side by side.

In fact, they haven't missed a birthday apart from each other since the sisters were 79 and both were ill, according to The Sun

But while the 102nd birthday was one worth celebrating, it wasn't under the best of circumstances. Ena had to visit Lily in the hospital where she is recovering from a broken hip.

According to Dianne Powell, Lily's 65-year-old daughter, her mom slipped and fell just before Christmas.

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"But she's in good spirits and enjoying the attention of being one of the world's oldest twins," Powell told the Daily Mail. "Ena pops in to see her in the hospital when she can - they are very close. And despite the terrible weather she made a special effort to get together on their birthday."

However, the sisters managed to share some cake as well as some laughs, thanks to a birthday present given to them by their five kids, 15 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren: Copies of the latest edition of Guinness World Records, where their status as "Oldest Twins" is made official.

Lily says the secret to the long life she's had with sister Ena is "laughter and having a joke with each other," but Dr. Alan Shuldiner, director of endocrinology, diabetes and nutrition at University of Maryland, suspects the real reason is more likely genes than jokes.

“At higher and higher ages, genetics play a larger and larger role,” Shuldiner told “Many centenarians eat unhealthy diets, smoke, never exercised. I suspect genetics is a large reason why they have lived 204 years between them.”