Enamel Cookware: The Best Finds On Etsy (PHOTOS)

We've scoured Etsy for these vintage finds and present you our favorites.

Teflon cookware has had its day in the sun (and then some), it's time to bring back some of the great, and older, cookware options. While we're big fans of copper cookware, it can be a little too pricey for most of our budgets. You can't go wrong with cast iron, it's strong and will definitely outlive you, but is also heavy enough to break your wrist. And then there's the fun and retro enamel cookware.

We love enamel cookware for its great colors and patterns -- why is cookware always gray anyway? But the fact that it's light as a feather makes cooking just that much easier. Oh, and the best part is, if you opt for vintage enamel cookware, you can get pieces for great prices too.

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Enamel Ware