'Enchanted' Promposal Video: Teen Inspired By Disney Movie Asks Date To Prom (VIDEO)

A Truly 'Enchanting' Promposal! (VIDEO)

When high school senior Paige Britton met up with her classmate, Justice Garrish, for a picnic over Memorial Day weekend, she had no idea what was really in store. According to Annandale Patch, Justice surprised Paige by re-enacting a scene from one of her favorite movies, "Enchanted."

The teen rallied 50 friends and family members to lip-sync and dance to the song "That's How You Know." It took Justice three weeks to choreograph the whole dance and four hours for the group to practice. After Paige was done walking through the "Enchanted" trail Justice organized, he was holding a sign with the question: "Prom?"

She said yes, and the promposal was uploaded onto YouTube on May 28th. The video, which you can watch above, has close to 4,000 views.

"I'm kind of shy. But it was really special that he did that for me," Paige told Annandale Patch. "It seemed so unreal."

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