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20 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up The End Of The Wedding Night

A happy ending to an even happier day.

After all the build up to the wedding day, it's hard to believe it passes by in the blink of an eye.

The end of the night brings with it a wide range of feelings -- joy, relief, exhaustion and excitement too. Below, 20 wedding photos that encompass all of those things.

When you take a second to soak it all in
When you bask in that post-wedding glow
When you (and the whole bridal party) take the plunge together
When your send-off sparkles so, so bright
When you ride off in style
When "exhausted" doesn't even begin to cover it
When you change into shorts for maximum comfort
When you couldn't be happier with how the day turned out
When your love looks like a scene from an Old Hollywood movie
When you realize you're surrounded by the best damn people in the world
When you raise a glass to the beginning of the next chapter
When you're literally *bubbling* over with joy
When you share a private moment at the end of the evening
When you realize how insanely lucky you really are
When you feel like you're on top of the world
When you kick back with a celebratory cigar and a stiff drink
When you dominate the dance floor with your killer moves
When you're completely wrapped up in the romance of it all
When it finally hits you -- you just married the love of your life!
When you say goodnight to the best day ever

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