End Of The Year Morning Links: Police Shoot Unarmed Man In Macon, Botched Raid In Utah, Monkey Herds Goats

-- Police in Macon, Georgia, shoot an unarmed man in a grocery story parking lot. And the cops' account keeps changing.

-- Joe Arpaio responds to Newtown as only Joe Arpaio can.

-- The finalists for another great year-end Internet tradition: Fark's Headline of the Year competition.

-- Botched raid in Ogden, Utah, terrorizes family. This would be the same Ogden SWAT team that killed golf club-wielding Todd Blair during a botched meth raid in 201o, and that got into a fatal shootout with Matthew Stewart earlier this year, resulting in the death of one cop. Stewart was raided after an ex-girlfriend tipped off cops that he was growing marijuana plants.

-- Let's end the last links roundup on a positive note: Here is a monkey, riding on a border collie, while herding some goats.