End Of The World? Science Artist Ron Miller Envisions Apocalypse Scenarios (PHOTOS)

Science Artist Envisions The Apocalypse

How will the world end? We dodged the 2012 doomsday predicted by the Mayan calendar, but scientists have provided several possible scenarios for the world's demise. Hollywood has its own set of ideas, from zombies to giant earthquakes to alien invasions.

According to Ron Miller, former art director for the Albert Einstein Planetarium at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C., it's not just earth's destruction we have to worry about. He told The Huffington Post in an email:

From the end of civilization we go to the end of human life on Earth, then to the end of life of any kind, then to the destruction of the planet itself. But it can get even worse than that. After the Earth is gone, the solar system itself will eventually be destroyed, the sun will become a dark, cold cinder and, after many billions of years, will come the heat death of the entire universe.

Click through for his images of our world's end. Story continues below.

Mount Rushmore

End Of World Images

Ron Miller has created many other engaging science image series -- including what our planet would look like with Saturn's rings, how planets in our solar system would appear to us if they were as close to earth as the moon, and what it would look like if our sun died.

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