End the Filibuster

Washington is broken -- and the filibuster is being abused to halt progress.

I'm running for the national Senate in Ohio because we need to create good-paying jobs and rebuild the middle class, but unprecedented obstructionism in Congress is slowing the ability to take meaningful action.

That's why I believe we should end the filibuster, and I've just launched a petition to support its abolition.

Too many Ohioans can't find work. Too many families are losing their homes. They want help, not political games. Yet just last week, Republicans used the filibuster to delay a bipartisan bill that would provide tax relief to small businesses that create jobs. That's wrong, and we shouldn't stand for it.

This week, we've seen more of the same. Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning is single-handedly holding up an extension of vital unemployment benefits for thousands of Ohioans struggling to make ends meet in this punishing recession. While families struggle to fight through this economic downturn, Bunning's outrageous filibuster continues.

To their credit, several Republican senators helped move the jobs bill forward. But long-time Washington insiders like Rob Portman -- the Republican nominee for Senate here in Ohio -- are happy with the status quo. Congressman Portman has already said he would filibuster legislation that creates jobs and helps our small businesses.

Here's the truth: job creation isn't a political game. The filibuster is doing more harm than good.

If you agree, please stand with me in support of ending it today -- it's time we put an end to paralysis in Washington and started solving problems again.

Lee Fisher is Ohio's Lt. Governor and a candidate for U.S. Senate. Learn more about his campaign at www.FisherForOhio.com.