30 Enemies Of A Good Night's Sleep

Despite our best attempts to set a healthy bedtime routine, some nights things just don't work out as planned.

The reasons why can be painful, stressful or downright hilarious, but no matter which way you slice it, you pull yourself out of bed the following morning less than ready to take on the day. We reached out to HuffPost Lifestyle's Facebook community to find out what robs them of their quality shut-eye most often. Here are 30 things they had to share (and don't forget to scroll down to learn more about what you can do to keep these distractions at bay and finally get the sleep you need).

sleep enemy

1. "My own brain keeps me awake at night. It doesn't shut off. Ever." -- Facebook user Jessicah Powers

2. "The snoring ... that doesn't come from me..." -- Facebook user Diane Hlavca

3. "These two little turds! They think we are a trampoline at 3 a.m." -- Facebook user Jeanne Schneider
(Photo Credit: Jeanne Schneider/Facebook)
4. "Netflix. I think I'll watch one little show before bed and before I know it... BINGE!" -- Facebook user Darlene Tilley-Flynn

5. "The tribe of baby elephants who live above me who pace back and forth all night." -- Facebook user Nicole Barnes

6. "I live in Italy in a 17th-century building with 18-inch thick walls, but I can hear the TV of the old woman that lives above me ... All ... Night ... Long." -- Facebook user Terri Affanato

7. "Foot cramps, restless leg syndrome, and my worst enemy a.k.a. my brain." -- Facebook user Andrea Finazzo

8. "Hot flashes." -- Facebook user Marti Martha Johnson

9. "My 20-something neighbor and the glass-rattling, teeth-chattering, eye-twitchingly annoying BASS thump, thump, thumping out of his too-tore-up-to-be-safe-in-any-way car." -- Facebook user Ruth Cotugno

10. "Restless leg syndrome. Actually THE WORST." -- Facebook user Alexxa Foster

sleep happy

11. "Worry." -- Facebook user Dawn Peacock Owens

12. "My arms -- I'm a side sleeper and I never know where to put them!" -- Facebook user Yvonne Brimson

13. "My 11-year-old pooch snoring like a grown-ass man." -- Facebook user Erica Aiello Lewis

14. "Electronics. Hard to put the devices away and commit to sleep." -- Facebook user Donelle Warren

15. "This." -- Facebook user Shannon Shannon
sleep enemies
(Photo Credit: Shannon Shannon/Facebook)
16. "I sometimes dream all night long! At least that's how it feels and then I wake up tired!" -- Facebook user Jennifer O'Donnell

17. "Anxiety." -- Facebook user Jennifer Lauren

18. "Lone cricket. And the late night shoe-in-one-hand hunt for it." -- Facebook user Laura Parrish

19. "A 73-pound yellow lab that apparently is trying out for the Olympics in her sleep! She rolls, rotates, spreads out and snores! And I get the upper right corner of the king-sized bed! Being squished gives me leg cramps and back aches from not being able to spread out ... But you know what? Sadly after 10 years, I can't sleep without her doing all of this! #codependent" -- Facebook user Tracy TJ Joseph

20. "College tuition for my son..." -- Facebook user Lisa McElroy

21. "Random thoughts popping into my mind." --Facebook user Cindy Ledford

restless sleep

22. "Four very handsome snoring men, three of which are the furry kind." -- Facebook user Monique Rene

23. "When I've had caffeine too late." -- Facebook user Kathy Hayes

24. "My misophonia -- hearing my dogs licking, hearing any repetitive noise keeps me and makes my skin crawl." -- Facebook user Telle Belle

25. "Bed or headboard knocking against the wall... Unfortunately its not mine." -- Facebook user Dee Fitzwater

26. "I live in an old home, and a bat or two will will occasionally find their way into my house and then the fun begins with finding it, catching it and then getting it out of the house. I don't think anyone could top that for annoying!" -- Facebook user Kristi Valle

27. "Dog hugs to the face!" -- Facebook user Jessica Reagon

28. "Lights. Light on the DVD player, light on the cable box, light from passing cars, light from the nightlight in the bathroom. My sleep mask is a godsend." -- Facebook user Martha Wilson

29. "A kitten that takes up more than her fair share of the bed but gives me the most pitiful squeak of sadness if I try to move her so I just huddle in the corner and feel guilty." -- Facebook user Krista L. Zimmerman

kitten in bed

30. "1) My husband's snoring. 2) My husband's restless leg syndrome. 3) My mind won't shut off. 4) I have to pee. 5) I'm hot. 6) I have to pee. 7) I wear ear plugs and the snoring, can't take it. 8) Did I mention I have to pee?" -- Facebook user Stacia Boston

If you're searching for the best ways to keep these major sleep enemies out of your bedroom, consider the following healthy sleep hygiene tips:

  • Unplug earlier in the evening to allow your brain to unwind before bedtime, and keep those devices out of the bedroom so you're less tempted to log on again before sunrise.
  • Make sure your bedroom is kept neat and organized, the bed is made daily, the temperature is kept relatively cool, and that no lights are shining brightly when your head hits the pillow.
  • And, as much as it may pain you, make those favorite furry friends sleep in beds of their own -- or better yet, in another room entirely.
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