Energy of the Eclipse: Magic When the Sun and Moon Meet

Stargazers and moon dancers, astronomers and astrologists alike across the world have kept track of the movement in the skies for countless centuries. The cycles of the sun and moon and the spread of the stars has been a central force to the rituals and celebrations of Pagans; the turn of the Earth around the sun is the reason for the seasons, and is the festivity and significance surrounding equinoxes and solstices. Both the sun and moon are highly valuable sources of energy and magic.

Certain phases of the moon are utilized to determine what kind of magic to use. The moon is a representation of the subconscious mind, and thus a very prevalent presence in spellwork. For instance, when the moon waxes (becomes bigger), magic that “increases” or promotes “growth” becomes enhanced. Examples include growth of knowledge, of love, of financial matters, and of fertility. Conversely, when the moon wanes (becomes smaller), magic that “decreases” or promotes “ridding/banishing” becomes more effective. This is a time to let things holding you down go, and allowing yourself to begin anew.

New moons, as its name suggests, represents the beginning and a sense of newness. Magic enhanced here is to promote positive potential in a new venture. Full moons have a sense of completion and are abundant with energy.

So what kind of energy and magic can you expect during the event of an eclipse, especially one as special as today’s total solar eclipse?

During a total solar eclipse, the moon passes in front of the sun, slowly blocking out its light and making the day look like
During a total solar eclipse, the moon passes in front of the sun, slowly blocking out its light and making the day look like night. (Photo posted on NASA’s official Twitter)

Solar eclipses happen only on new moons, when it passes between the Earth and the sun, therefore blocking its light (either partially or totally) from view. Since the power of the new moon is supercharged by the energy of the sun, it’s thought that new moon magic will be even more enhanced during the time of the eclipse.

Conversely, some Pagans believe that since the sun’s light is blocked, and that the moon is dark, the flow of both of their energies are temporarily halted. It’s a bit unsettling to think of, that the power of these planets could grow quiet. This relates a little to some superstitions of solar eclipses, where it is thought that the sudden unnatural darkness brings ill omens and calamity.

Another belief is that the eclipse provides the energy of a full cycle — a year of solstice/equinoxes, or a full day. Moreover, the eclipse beings together the powers of solar (conscious) and lunar (subconscious) energy, unifying them, enhancing that sense of “full” and abundant energy that we may feel. The sun will grow light, then be overthrown in darkness, before the light is reborn again; a whole cycle in a short time span.

Since this eclipse is occurring during a waning sun (the summer solstice has passed, and the days steadily grow short as the colder, darker months approach), it might be advantageous to work “ridding/banishing” magic at the event of the total solar eclipse. The new moon’s energy too will aid in bringing change and new opportunities as you work your spells.

(Also take note that this eclipse occurs on a Monday, the day of the week ruled by the moon. This eclipse is very special indeed!)

Mark this special day, and even as the eclipse ends, bring something as magnificent as its presence to your life. Whether you believe that the eclipse is full of energy or momentarily quiet of it, there is no doubt that this cosmic event is one that is magical, and thus should be wholeheartedly enjoyed as the sun and moon dance close together as one.

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