11 Secrets To All-Day Energy

11 Secrets To All-Day Energy

By Elizabeth Jenkins

We've all been there: Between looming work deadlines, family obligations and staying on top of bills and housework, sometimes you simply become exhausted. But there are small steps you can take to regain your spark. We asked the busiest women we could find -- from high-power executives and successful surgeons to famous actresses and traveling comedians -- to reveal their secrets to mental and physical energy.

Go Off The Grid
Heidi Klum, supermodel and judge on "Project Runway" and "America's Got Talent":"I stay away from electronics when I come home -- I leave my bag, with all its gadgets, by the door. Sometimes the e-mails and iPhones and BlackBerrys overtake your life. I push back and try not to use them in the house anymore."

Parisa Tabriz, security-team overseer for Google Chrome: "Hundreds of millions of people rely on me and my team to keep them protected from the threat of online attackers. It helps me to walk on a nearby trail for 30 to 45 minutes. Getting away from my gadgets removes all the alerts, notifications and digital interruptions."
Be Grateful For The Craziness
Sabrina Soto, interior designer and host of "The High/Low Project" on HGTV: "When you film a makeover show, you never know what is going to go wrong. We work between eight and 12 hours on set, and I'm on camera all day, even if I'm in a horrible mood or something is stressful. To keep my energy high, I start each day by going over a list of things I'm grateful for. It helps me stay focused and reminds me how blessed I am that I'm able to do what I love to do."
Stay Revved On The Road
Erin Andrews, FOX Sports broadcaster: "I have an apartment in New York City, but I really live out of a suitcase. My show films in Los Angeles on Saturday mornings, so I'm there every Thursday, Friday and Saturday during football season, and then on Sunday I'm in another city for an NFL game. I now follow the routine that the coach of the first NHL team I covered has: Get off the plane and go straight to the gym. I also love the online classes offered by studios like Physique 57. For most classes, you pay just $5 for a 30-minute routine -- like thighs and butt or cardio -- and all you need is a sturdy piece of furniture."
Pump Up Your Playlist
Rita Wilson, actress, producer and singer: "Music can change your mood, make you jump up and down, get you going. It's the one thing I can't live without. I listen to all different kinds."
Surgeons Have The Right Idea...
Mary A. Hooks, M.D., surgeon at Vanderbilt University: "The long days in the operating room and in the clinic are the most demanding. Three things I always do:

Make time for meals and snacks. I don't work well when I'm hungry, so I never go into surgery that way.

Mind my feet. I wear Dansko clogs, since I'll be standing for hours, but a lot of people swear by sneakers or those lightweight shoes from Crocs.

Surround myself with other energetic people. Their vitality rubs off. I love having 'young, impressionable minds' around me (medical students and surgery residents, or even an undergraduate still deciding on a career path)."
...So Do People Who Are Funny For A Living
Molly McNearney, co-head writer for "Jimmy Kimmel Live": "I'm surrounded by the funniest people and laugh a lot at work. Laughter keeps me energized (so does the bottle of booze in my drawer). Sometimes I go on Facebook to see the family and friends I'd love to make laugh, and that inspires me. Other times I walk down Hollywood Boulevard to get some slightly fresh air. Not many people can get up from their desk and take a break with Superman, Spider-Woman and a gaggle of tourists."
Do What You Love And You'll Never Drag A Day In Your Life
Savannah Guthrie, co-anchor of "Today" (formerly a lawyer!): "I usually wake up around 3 a.m., which is unnatural no matter how many years you've done it. I'm a morning person, but that's the middle of the night! I press Start on the coffeemaker before I do anything else, then I sit with my huge cup of coffee and prepare for the show. Once I get to the studio, a little bit of adrenaline kicks in. What we do every day is really exciting, and it's hard not to get a lift out of that. If I were waking up at 3 in the morning to read law-school books, I'm not sure I would be so perky."
Sometimes You Need To Check. The. Heck. Out.
Jenn Berman, PsyD, psychotherapist and host of "Couples Therapy" on VH1: "For my job, I do therapy sessions, host a radio show and write books, so I take mental vacations at home. I have a bathtub that I love very much, and when I'm in the bath, I'm no one's therapist, no one's wife and no one's mother. I believe that I am re-energizing, and that's half the battle."

Wendy Williams, host of "The Wendy Williams Show": "I make a living by talking, so communication is extremely important. But extra conversation, other than in family and emergency circumstances, is very draining. Therefore I'm in my house by 5 p.m., and I love watching the news with my robe on and wig off! It does wonders for my mental state because I've really learned to leave work at work."
Get Your Heart Pumping
Vanessa Williams, actress, singer and Broadway star: "I work out every day, so I've got to mix it up and make it exciting to motivate myself to stay up and energetic. And I've found that when I don't exercise, I get more lethargic. I feel healthiest right after fitness class, when I'm sweaty and my heart is pumping and I feel that adrenaline rush. That's what fuels me."
Connect With Your Pep Squad
Kellie Pickler, country singer: "Good company gives me energy. Regardless of whether you're tired or having a long day, when you get around good people, it's just fuel for the body and soul. It pumps you up!"
Find What Juices You (And Do It Often)
Alex Guarnaschelli, Iron Chef and Food Network celebrity chef: "I have a simple list of things that give me energy. It can be hard to allow yourself to really let go enough to take time out, though!"

-Grabbing an hour of quiet time to read a magazine with my phone off
-Baking the chocolate chip sour cream cake my mom made when I was young
-Hanging out with my daughter, who always keeps it real
-A bike ride by the Hudson River

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