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Engagement: From Strategy to Success

According to Ryan Scott, "Each year, $10 billion is left unclaimed in matching gifts. That's more than is raised in all employee workplace giving campaigns each year."
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By Steve Delfin


"Each year, $10 billion is left unclaimed in matching gifts. That's more than is raised in all employee workplace giving campaigns each year."

With these words Ryan Scott, Causecast founder and CEO, instantly grabbed the attention of every person in the room at America's Charities recent Membership Assembly entitled Engagement: From Strategy to Success. Ryan was one of an amazing group of expert panelists assembled to provide progressive insights and practical tips designed to help America's Charities' nonprofit members:

  • grasp how to understand today's motivations and needs of prospective corporate collaborators;
  • engage employees beyond the workplace to cultivate volunteering and giving; and
  • leverage data to create a messages that inspires donors to action

America's Charities has published videos from each session and will issue several shorter video excerpts from those sessions in the coming weeks. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel for notifications when new clips are posted.

To whet your appetite here are some comments you will hear on our Membership Assembly video playlist embedded below, which I will address more in-depth in my next series of blog posts:

Heather Lofkin Wright of PwC sharing how her firm now looks at their primary philanthropic relationships. "Companies are driving their charitable relationships inside out versus outside in with major implications for how charities manage their corporate relationships."

Anthony Shop, Social Driver discussing how today's volunteers and donors use social media. "Everybody is writing a real time autobiography every day."

Chris Jarvis, Realized Worth noting that employee engagement around is more complex than ever, but also contains more opportunities. "Employee engagement is about leveraging the progression of opportunities."

Emily Simone, Lockheed Martin conveying how charities need to address today's workforce who are very "purpose" driven in all aspects of their lives. "It's vital that companies and charities help people connect to their own purpose."

Chris Brooks, Share Our Strength talked to the complexity and critical importance communicating impact to today's donors "Communicating impact takes a village."

Perla Ni of GreatNonprofits teed up a discussion on communicating impact by leveraging data and stories. "There is a lack of compelling information for donors about which organizations to give to."

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