13 Party Poopers Who Couldn't Care Less About Your Engagement

13 Party Poopers Who Couldn't Care Less About Your Engagement

Sure, your family and friends are excited about your engagement. And possibly even some friends of friends, who will "like" your Instagram posts and read Facebook status updates about your wedding decorations.

But there are definitely some people out there who don't have time for you and your fairytale wedding. They may be lurking in the background -- but they're there. We spotted 13 party poopers who don't care about your engagement, not even a little:

1. This elderly man.

Young love's for suckers. If you're still together in 40 years, he'll send a card. Ok?

2. Or this elderly lady.

"Young people today are such damn attention whores!"

3. Everybody in your "tight-knit" circle of friends.

Hey, one less bridesmaid to get fitted.

4. Bill Murray

This is Bill Murray's world, you're just getting engaged in it.

5. This giraffe.

He's been bitter ever since his wife left him for a taller dude.

6. Farm animals

Romance is contagious! Just ask those two -- umm -- friendly cows in the background.

7. This voguing sea lion

Sea lion be like, "All the single ladies."

8. The guy using your pool

He's excited about the bachelor party in Vegas though, bro!

9. Anybody under the age of 12, probably.

Photo Credit: Peter Finger

Go! Escape to your happy place, little boy!

10. Any other long-term, unmarried couple.

She's like, "Wow. They SURE look happy, don't they?" Hint, hint.

11. Your friendly neighborhood flasher.

He's worked for years to perfect the art of subtle mooning.

12. And other assorted pranksters...

How to ruin a precious life moment, in four seconds or less.

13. Your dog.

Here, one pup expresses exactly how he feels about the changes in his family.

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