Engagement Photos Presented As Horror-Themed Comic Are Untraditional But Awesome

Engagement photos get a bad rap for being saccharine and self-indulgent. But one Hungarian couple turned that stereotype on its head with their horror-themed engagement comic featuring an unexpected third party: a bloody, saw-wielding murderer.

Photographer Laszlo Bodnar told The Huffington Post that the bride and groom-to-be, Alexandra and Chris, are big fans of thrillers and horror movies and suggested a "Texas Chainsaw"-like set for the shoot. Bodnar decided to take their idea a step further by arranging the photos in a comic format. Check out the awesome shots below from the Hungary-based engagement and wedding photography group ElevenPhoto.








This isn't the first time a twosome has opted for a more gruesome engagement photo session. In 2011, a Los Angeles couple's zombie-themed engagement photos went viral.

[h/t PetaPixel]

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