Woman's Lost Engagement Ring Found 13 Years Later -- On A Growing Carrot

Insert carat/carrot joke here.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but this photo makes it look like diamonds grow on carrots.

Eighty-four-year-old Mary Grams lost her engagement ring back in 2004 in the garden of her family’s farm in Alberta, Canada.

“I crawled around on the floor and didn’t find it for days, so finally I went to the jeweler and bought another ring,” she told HuffPost.

Thirteen years later, her daughter-in-law just found it growing around a carrot pulled from the ground, as first reported by the CBC.

Carats and carrots. 
Carats and carrots. 

“I was wondering if she was stringing me or if it was really true,” Grams, whose husband died five years ago, told HuffPost. “My granddaughter brought it [to] me yesterday and the first thing I said was, ‘Oh yes, that’s it.’”

If you’re skeptical something like this could actually happen, know it’s not the first time a lost ring has sprouted up this way. Back in 2016, a German widower who lost his wedding ring while gardening found it growing on a carrot three years later. In 2011, a Swedish woman’s wedding ring was found on a carrot 16 years after it first went missing on her farm.

“Everyone is laughing and can’t believe this actually happened,” Grams told HuffPost.

Her ring still fit after the carrot was cut away.

Still fits! 
Still fits! 

“I have big knuckles,” she told HuffPost, “so I hope to never lose it again. But I’m not going to go outside in the garden with it again. I can’t figure out for the life of me why I did that.”

Of course, the whole carat/carrot thing was not lost on the internet:

We’re just happy to hear the ring is out of the ground and back with its rightful owner.