Engagement Ring Shopping Tips From Jewelers (VIDEO)

Struggling to choose the perfect engagement ring for your beloved? Many would-be grooms (and brides!) have faced the same conundrum.

On Monday, jeweler Zameer Kassam stopped by HuffPost Live to offer his advice on how to make the engagement ring shopping process less stressful.

"Try to listen really carefully for all the hints that she gives you," he said. "You can [also] look at her Pinterest. She's probably picking things online that she likes."

Gemologist and HuffPost blogger Jerry Ehrenwald says it's risky to not involve your spouse-to-be in the ring shopping process. But, "When in doubt, always consult the best friend," he wrote in a 2012 blog post.

What's your best ring shopping advice? Share it in the comments below, then click here to watch the full HuffPost Live segment.

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