Engaging Yourself to Completion

Engaging Yourself to Completion
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January is the month for intentions/goals! And bringing them to completion involves a clear, achievable outcome and specific action steps.

The key for me is engagement and self-accountability. Does this goal have meaning and am I inspired to participate fully? Am I willing to track my progress, celebrate each step, and engage the support I need in the process?

Making agreements with ourselves to complete something is not taken lightly by our consciousness. Our job is to honor what we say we will do and to renegotiate along the way as needed.

The ingredients for success include:

1.Make the outcome have meaning for you in such a way that it will pull you forward towards it and engage your enthusiasm in the process.
2.Have the support in place to make it possible - positive accountability and assistance.
3.Take the actions that will keep you moving towards your goal.
4.Weekly assess your progress honestly and then recommit.
5.Be confident in your vision and celebrate often everything you are doing toward creating your goal. I encourage that celebration to be an out-loud form of gratitude for yourself and your completions and a genuine appreciation of you and what you are doing.

I worked with a client last week who really wants to achieve a goal she has attempted for a few years. Working with her we found something that would motivate her and engage her enthusiasm. It will be up to her to implement the support to give herself this gift of completion. It inspired me to do the same.

For some time my wish has been to see clearly without glasses. I met with Esther my vision coach to see how I could engage myself with greater enthusiasm. I have been making it a chore and have not been successful. She reminded me that seeing clearly is about play, relaxing and receiving images and not about doing eye exercises that frankly have never inspired or motivated me. I told her I was going after 20/15 vision in 2017. And I now believe it is doable. And I have a session scheduled with her in 3 months to assess my progress.

I am starting with 4 simple games daily. Just renaming them as games is engaging in itself:

1. Tossing and catching a ball tethered to my wrist.
2. Blinking often and rapid blinking a few times a day.
3. Lifting eyebrows instead of squinting to see more clearly.
4. Playing the flashing game with eyes after palming (which is the one practice I have established over the years.)

During our session using these techniques I was able to switch from 2.25 to 1.75 reader glasses. Already I can feel my eyes relaxing. There will be more to discover as I go along but I am off to a great start. I have created a tracking program to hold myself accountable using an all-day recurring event on my iPhone calendar and writing under notes what happens each day.

Now it is your turn. What would be a win for you this year? And how can you inspire yourself to go after it?

Martha Invitations
1. Book an hour with me to jump start 2017 and align yourself with completing something of value for you.
2. Choose one personal goal you can get behind this year and commit to it, putting in place the steps that will result in successful completion.
3. Celebrate your willingness to keep moving towards what you want.


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